How to pay in 1688?

1688 how to pay guide

Except Taobao, I believe many people have heard of 1688, but don’t know how to operate it, right? In fact, 1688 is a good channel for sellers to purchase goods, because 1688 allows sellers to purchase more goods at a lower cost. The problem is that 1688 orders are placed in RMB, which is a bit difficult for sellers in Malaysia. In fact, this problem can be solved very easily, that is, “find someone to pay for it”!

How to find someone to pay for your goods in 1688? For your information, we have provided this payment service. All you need to do is just send a payment request on 1688 and let us help you to pay for it!

Just some simple steps to send payment request in 1688:

Step 1: Add to purchase

Find the goods you want in 1688, select the color and size, and click “Add to the purchase”.

After finished shopping, enter “My Purchase Order”, select one of the sellers, and click Settlement.

(Reminder: Do not combined order and request payment because you will not able to use this “ask friend to pay” payment method. What is a combined order? That is, select multiple sellers and pay together.)

Step 3: Submit order

After select “Settlement”, you will come to this page. Before submitting the order, please confirm that the delivery address and your marking must be filled in correctly to prevent any delivery problems. In addition, if you have any special requirements, you can leave a message to the seller in the message area.

After confirming that the information is correct, click “Submit Order”.

Step 4: Payment method

After submitting the order, you will enter this page. After confirming that the total amount to be paid is correct, select “Alipay” and then click “To pay”.

Step 5: “Find someone to pay”

When you come to this page, click on the words “Find someone to pay” in the upper right corner.

(Note: If the word “find someone to pay” does not appear, you may have selected consolidated/combine payment. You need to go back to Step 2 and select again.)

Step 6: “Ask him to pay”

After reconfirming the total payment amount, fill in the Alipay account of the payer. (After registering marking with us, we will provide our Alipay account for you). Leave your marking in the message, key in the check code and click “Ask him to pay”.

Step 7: Complete

When you come to this page, it means that you have successfully sent a payment request to us!

Step 8: Making payment in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

We will convert your total 1688 amount into Ringgit Malaysia (RM) based on the RMB you want to pay, divided by the exchange rate of 1.57. For example, you sent a payment request total 90.60 yuan to us to pay for the 1688 supplier. Before that, we will divide the RMB into Ringgit Malaysia with the exchange rate of 1.57, which is the total amount of RM you need to pay to us is RM57.71. After you remit to us according to the converted ringgit, we will help you complete the payment to the seller! Next, you just need to wait for the goods to be sent to our warehouse, and wait for the goods to arrive at your hands!5

VT Nation’s one-stop service allows you to shop overseas at the lowest price anytime and anywhere! Hurry up and register with us! If you want to keep track of our latest news, please follow our Facebook @vtnation.official

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The most popular online product today

Since the spread of Covid-19, the scope of people’s activities has been restricted and no one can go anywhere. Hence, people started to buy daily necessities and even food online. However, there is now a trend that is gradually growing in online shopping. Do you know what it is?

 ———— The answer is Chinese snacks! I don’t know if you have found that snacks have begun to appear in most people’s shopping lists. And I am one of them! Especially when watching Chinese dramas, I was so eager to eat Chinese food when I saw the food they ate! But with so many Chinese snacks, which ones are delicious? This time I will share what I have eaten!

1. “Jia Xiang Ren” Authentic Hot and Sour Noodle

This hot and sour noodle is recommended by many people, plus I am a girl who likes to eat hot and sour, so I directly ordered 10 packs of it! After trying it, my personal favourite is the noodles that made from sweet potatoes. It tastes so soft and I like it so much! It is suitable for people who can eat slightly spicy food. However, the ingredients packs given are beans but not peanuts. Since I prefer peanuts, so I do not eat the noodles with the beans they gave. The soup base is a little greasy, but it doesn’t affect the taste. Overall, it is still delicious, you can give it a try.

Here is a little tip, buying directly on Taobao is really much cheaper than buying with local sellers. 10 packs of this hot and sour noodles is only about MYR 20.

taobao sour spicy noodle

❤Click on the product name to enter Taobao directly❤

2. “Jin Mo Fang” Fish Tofu

I have eaten this small snack, and the flavours I bought are BBQ and “mala”. (Who can’t resist “mala” like me please raise your hand!) There is only one word after trying, recommend!  This fish tofu is made from fresh fish meat and soy protein. You can eat it directly by tearing the wrapping paper. It is very convenient for a small package. It tastes a bit like chicken, but it is softer than chicken and has a melt-in-mouth feel. The taste is slightly salty and spicy, and can be eaten directly or with rice. The taste is really good! The only shortcoming is that it is too small, which is not enough to eat! !

tmall fish tofu beancurd

❤Click on the product name to enter Taobao directly❤

3. “Wei Long Da Mian Jin”

This spicy bar is also recommended after I tried it myself. The main ingredients are made from flour, soybean oil, pepper and cumin. There are about 14 bars in one pack, the taste is spicy and it is oily. Besides, It is not recommended for girls who are on diet, because I can eat the whole pack while watching the drama! Very devoted to the purpose of losing weight is always tomorrow thing (laughing)

da mian jin snacks from taobao

❤Click on the product name to enter Taobao directly❤

4. “Hao Huan Luo Si Fen”

I believe everyone is familiar with this noodle right? It can be seen almost everywhere on various platforms, with rave reviews. It has the same principle as stinky tofu. It is said that it smells bad when cooked and has a faint smell of urine, but it tastes delicious! I don’t know if you have ever watched a Chinese drama “Put your head on my shoulder”. I was eager to try it out when I saw the main character eating the noodles. So, I bought it from Taobao again! Looking forward to its love and hate taste!

luo si fen noodle tmall

❤Click on the product name to enter Taobao directly❤

So how did I bring these foods back from Taobao? In fact, it is very simple, you only need to browse this website, or go to Facebook to find @vtnation.official to contact them, there will be someone to teach you how to place an order from Taobao, they even provide overseas payment services! Sensitive freight charges only start from RM12, and customers who register for their services for the first time can get special discounts! There are also staff to teach you to place orders and even help track your overseas parcel and arrange transportation! There is also an easiest way, you only need to send us the product information you want, we will help you arrange the rest of the steps. Order, payment, warehousing, on-board, shipping, home delivery, all arranged for you properly! What are you waiting for? Order quickly!

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Mobile phone turned out to be the best place for breeding of viruses?!

People often say that they should wash their hands frequently, but nobody says they need to clean their phones. People touch their phones almost 16 hours a day, except for bedtime. For example, replying messages, browsing Facebook, Instagram, etc. Even using a mobile phone when shopping outside.

Viruses on the smart phone screen and is spreading to the hand holding the phones

The frequency of people using mobile phones is high, but people do not have the habit of cleaning their phones regularly. We never know how much bacteria are attached to our phone. Studies have shown that the bacterial content of mobile phone screens is 3 times higher than that of toilet seats! Therefore, we must strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of mobile phones.

cell phone has three times more bacteria than at a public restroom

However, when and how are we going to disinfect the mobile phone? Our recommendation is to choose a disinfectant with an alcohol concentration of 70% to 75%, use a fine fibre cloth or general glasses cloth and take an appropriate amount of alcohol to disinfect the mobile phone whenever you come back home from outside.

disinfecting the cell phone screen to kill the viruses and the bacteria

Please avoid putting sanitizer directly on the phone to avoid damage to the phone. If you do not use your phone while you are away, you do not have to disinfect the phone ’s surface. Let us work together to fight against COVID-19!

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VT Nation Client Portal Guideline

1. To check your goods’ status that you have purchased, click this link to enter the VT Nation client portal 

client console login details

2. Login to your profile using your marking as username and phone number as password. 

Questions: Where can I know my username and password?

Answer: You can get it from VT Nation staff before login to this client portal. 

For example

Username: YY

Password: 031234567

inserted login requirements

3. Warehouse List

After you login the account, you will see terms and conditions list.  “Warehouse List” at the menu is the list of goods that already sent to Guang Zhou warehouse. You can check whether your goods are already been received by the Guang Zhou warehouse. 

guide to finding warehouse list

Note: Table below is the Warehouse List, it shows all your orders from Guangzhou and Yiwu.

warehouse list from Guangzhou and Yiwu

4. PO

Click PO on the menu to check the goods that are already loaded into the container, including goods in Yiwu warehouse. 

For example, if the “Container Ref No” column shows number (exp: SM20-033), means your goods are already loaded into the container SM20-033 and it is ready to ship. However, when it shows “n/a”, which means  your goods are haven’t loading into the container. 

Note: We will arrange loading once your goods are all arrived at the warehouse. 

Purchase order with container number information

5. Container

Next, you can check your container status in “Container” page.

Container page with estimated time arrival to port

Estimate time arrival (ETA) is the date that the container arrive at Malaysia port. For example, if the ETA Port shows 06/06/2020, this means that the container will arrive at the port at 06/06/2020.

Note: If the ETA Port shows “n/a”, which means the the container is not ready to ship yet.

Loaded time is the date that customer’s goods are loading the container.

Delay time will show up if the ship arrive later than the expected time. Normally, the reason causes this situation is that the customs request to check the container.

6. You can also know the status of the container by checking the “Status” column.

container status

Loaded = The container is on the way shipping to Malaysia

Delay = Container is hold by customs and will arrive the port later than expected time

Unstuffing = Your goods are arrived at the port and ready to be distribute. 

Delivery = Your goods will be deliver to you within 3-5 working days after unstuffing

8. To check your orders in each container, you can click at a container on the list as shown in the table below. 

list of order in container and unstuffing time info

For example, if you click on SM20-034, it will show all your orders that loaded in this container. 

Just master the above steps, you can check your shipment anytime without any hassle! Kindly contact us if you meet any problems. Contact number : 018-357 6692

Follow us on Facebook @vtnation.official to get the latest information!


1. Where can I check my orders that already received by warehouse?

Go to “Warehouse List”, you can check all of your orders in Yiwu and Guangzhou warehouse. (Step 3)

2. Where can I check my ETA?

Go to “Container”, you can check your ETA at “ETA port” column. (Step 5)

3. What is PO?

PO is the list of orders that already loaded into the container. (Step 4)

4. When can I receive my orders after container arrived?

You can receive your orders within 3 working days for local (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) and  5 working days for outstation after unstuffing.

(Step 6)

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How to change Taobao warehouse address?

Do you know that you can purchase Taobao with a lower delivery sea freight fees? VT Nation Trading now is offering a more reasonable price for Taobao customer! All you need to do is just change the address of the warehouse to our address in Guangzhou in order to use our delivery service!

So, how do we modify the warehouse address? It’s very simple, let’s get started!

1. First, enter Taobao webpage, click on “My Taobao”

taobao homepage

2. Next, click on “My shipping address”

shipping address guide

3. You will reach this page that request you to fill in your shipping address.

a form to fill in the shipping address information

4. You can begin to fill in our Guangzhou warehouse address information.

Address Information : Guangdong Province

choosing Guangdong province as shipping address

Address Information: Guangdong Province/Guangzhou City   

filling Guangzhou city in as address information

Address Information: Guangdong Province/Guangzhou City/Baiyun District

Baiyun district as the area of the address

Address Information: Guangdong Province/Guangdong City/Baiyun District/Baiyunhu Jiedao

Baiyunhu Jiedao as the street address

Address: ( 范小姐收)大朗南路日盛物流8A号仓宇洋国际

Postal code: 510450

Consignee name: (Your marking) Exp: SM/VT-???

(Note: Please make sure that the consignee must fill in the correct marking that we provide to you, otherwise warehouse will not receive the goods!)

Cell phone: (Mainland China) 13828437329

Click to set as the default shipping address. So that you can use it for your next purchase. Make sure that all information is filled in correctly, then click Save.

If a new address appears on the page as shown in below, it means that you have completed the address of our warehouse and the goods you bought on Taobao will be sent directly to our warehouse!

Lastly, whenever the seller has shipped your parcel, kindly provide us the product description and tracking number, we will help you to track and update the latest news of your goods for you. You can also provide us the total number of your parcel, once the warehouse received all of your parcel, we will start to arrange shipment. So, you can receive your parcel as soon as possible!

You may contact us on WhatsApp or WeChat +6018-376 2803 (Yy) / +6013-286 3661 (Jenny) if you want to register Marking to use our shipping service! Follow us on Facebook @vtnation.official to get the latest information and promotions!

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