Mobile phone turned out to be the best place for breeding of viruses?!

People often say that they should wash their hands frequently, but nobody says they need to clean their phones. People touch their phones almost 16 hours a day, except for bedtime. For example, replying messages, browsing Facebook, Instagram, etc. Even using a mobile phone when shopping outside.

Viruses on the smart phone screen and is spreading to the hand holding the phones

The frequency of people using mobile phones is high, but people do not have the habit of cleaning their phones regularly. We never know how much bacteria are attached to our phone. Studies have shown that the bacterial content of mobile phone screens is 3 times higher than that of toilet seats! Therefore, we must strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of mobile phones.

cell phone has three times more bacteria than at a public restroom

However, when and how are we going to disinfect the mobile phone? Our recommendation is to choose a disinfectant with an alcohol concentration of 70% to 75%, use a fine fibre cloth or general glasses cloth and take an appropriate amount of alcohol to disinfect the mobile phone whenever you come back home from outside.

disinfecting the cell phone screen to kill the viruses and the bacteria

Please avoid putting sanitizer directly on the phone to avoid damage to the phone. If you do not use your phone while you are away, you do not have to disinfect the phone ’s surface. Let us work together to fight against COVID-19!

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