How to pay in 1688?

How to pay in 1688?

Except Taobao, I believe many people have heard of 1688, but don’t know how to operate it, right? In fact, 1688 is a good channel for sellers to purchase goods, because 1688 allows sellers to purchase more goods at a lower cost. The problem is that 1688 orders are placed in RMB, which is a bit difficult for sellers in Malaysia. In fact, this problem can be solved very easily, that is, “find someone to pay for it”!

How to find someone to pay for your goods in 1688? For your information, we have provided this payment service. All you need to do is just send a payment request on 1688 and let us help you to pay for it!

Just some simple steps to send payment request in 1688:

Step 1: Add to purchase

Find the goods you want in 1688, select the color and size, and click “Add to the purchase”.

After finished shopping, enter “My Purchase Order”, select one of the sellers, and click Settlement.

(Reminder: Do not combined order and request payment because you will not able to use this “ask friend to pay” payment method. What is a combined order? That is, select multiple sellers and pay together.)

Step 3: Submit order

After select “Settlement”, you will come to this page. Before submitting the order, please confirm that the delivery address and your marking must be filled in correctly to prevent any delivery problems. In addition, if you have any special requirements, you can leave a message to the seller in the message area.

After confirming that the information is correct, click “Submit Order”.

Step 4: Payment method

After submitting the order, you will enter this page. After confirming that the total amount to be paid is correct, select “Alipay” and then click “To pay”.

Step 5: “Find someone to pay”

When you come to this page, click on the words “Find someone to pay” in the upper right corner.

(Note: If the word “find someone to pay” does not appear, you may have selected consolidated/combine payment. You need to go back to Step 2 and select again.)

Step 6: “Ask him to pay”

After reconfirming the total payment amount, fill in the Alipay account of the payer. (After registering marking with us, we will provide our Alipay account for you). Leave your marking in the message, key in the check code and click “Ask him to pay”.

Step 7: Complete

When you come to this page, it means that you have successfully sent a payment request to us!

Step 8: Making payment in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

We will convert your total 1688 amount into Ringgit Malaysia (RM) based on the RMB you want to pay, divided by the exchange rate of 1.57. For example, you sent a payment request total 90.60 yuan to us to pay for the 1688 supplier. Before that, we will divide the RMB into Ringgit Malaysia with the exchange rate of 1.57, which is the total amount of RM you need to pay to us is RM57.71. After you remit to us according to the converted ringgit, we will help you complete the payment to the seller! Next, you just need to wait for the goods to be sent to our warehouse, and wait for the goods to arrive at your hands!5

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