How to import warehouse address in 1688 from Taobao

How to import warehouse address in 1688 from Taobao

Do you know? 1688 is now one of the largest wholesale websites in China right now, because 1688 allows sellers to buy more goods at a lower cost. However, one of the difficulty faced when using 1688 is that you need to fill in a shipping address in China in order to buy the goods.

But this problem can be solved easily when you are already a Taobao user. Which is by just importing the warehouse address you have inserted in Taobao before to 1688, in just one click! 

Just follow these simple steps and your warehouse address in 1688 will be set easily :

*Before starting this guide make sure that your Taobao account should have our warehouse address filled in and if not please go to this guide here.

1. Click on the button below

The following page will then appear :

1688 website

2. Click the "导入收货地址" box

1688 insert address button

3. Tick the box and press conform

(Note : Please make sure that the consignee must fill in the correct marking that we provide to you, otherwise warehouse will not receive the goods!) Don’t know what is your marking? Contact Us and we will provide you your marking
tick box and conforming buttons for changing warehouse address

4. Complete !!

VT Nation warehouse address in 1688

If your page is same as image above that means you have completed the address of our warehouse and the goods you bought on 1688 will be sent directly to our warehouse!

Lastly, whenever the seller has shipped your parcel, kindly provide us the product description and tracking number, we will help you to track and update the latest news of your goods for you. You can also provide us the total number of your parcel, once the warehouse received all of your parcel, we will start to arrange shipment. So, you can receive your parcel as soon as possible!

You may contact us on WhatsApp or WeChat +6018-376 2803 (Yy) / +6013-286 3661 (Jenny) if you want to register Marking to use our shipping service! Follow us on Facebook @vtnation.official to get the latest information and promotions!

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