How to change Taobao warehouse address?

How to change Taobao warehouse address?

Do you know that you can purchase Taobao with a lower delivery sea freight fees? VT Nation Trading now is offering a more reasonable price for Taobao customer! All you need to do is just change the address of the warehouse to our address in Guangzhou in order to use our delivery service!

So, how do we modify the warehouse address? It’s very simple, let’s get started!

1. First, enter Taobao webpage, click on “My Taobao”

taobao homepage

2. Next, click on “My shipping address”

shipping address guide

3. You will reach this page that request you to fill in your shipping address.

a form to fill in the shipping address information

4. You can begin to fill in our Guangzhou warehouse address information.

Address Information : Guangdong Province

choosing Guangdong province as shipping address

Address Information: Guangdong Province/Guangzhou City   

filling Guangzhou city in as address information

Address Information: Guangdong Province/Guangzhou City/Baiyun District

Baiyun district as the area of the address

Address Information: Guangdong Province/Guangdong City/Baiyun District/Baiyunhu Jiedao

Baiyunhu Jiedao as the street address

Address: ( 范小姐收)大朗南路日盛物流8A号仓宇洋国际

Postal code: 510450

Consignee name: (Your marking) Exp: SM/VT-???

(Note: Please make sure that the consignee must fill in the correct marking that we provide to you, otherwise warehouse will not receive the goods!)

Cell phone: (Mainland China) 13828437329

Click to set as the default shipping address. So that you can use it for your next purchase. Make sure that all information is filled in correctly, then click Save.

If a new address appears on the page as shown in below, it means that you have completed the address of our warehouse and the goods you bought on Taobao will be sent directly to our warehouse!

Lastly, whenever the seller has shipped your parcel, kindly provide us the product description and tracking number, we will help you to track and update the latest news of your goods for you. You can also provide us the total number of your parcel, once the warehouse received all of your parcel, we will start to arrange shipment. So, you can receive your parcel as soon as possible!

You may contact us on WhatsApp or WeChat +6018-376 2803 (Yy) / +6013-286 3661 (Jenny) if you want to register Marking to use our shipping service! Follow us on Facebook @vtnation.official to get the latest information and promotions!

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