Why must big parcels be reinforced?

Why must big parcels be reinforced?

Have you ever been asked by customer service if you want to reinforce the package when shipping a large package?

What is a reinforcement package?

Reinforcing the package is adding an extra layer of protection to the package to reduce the chance of breakage when the package is transported.

Why reinforce the package?

If the package is not reinforced, it may cause the package to deform, damage, or get wet.

How can we help the package add a protective layer?

1. Add on bubble wrap.

Add bubble wrap to prevent the package from deforming in transit or damaging the contents of the package.

2. Add on wooden shelf.

Add wooden shelves to the outside of the package to keep the parcels protected during shipping.

3. Add Fragile Labels.

Add fragile labels to allow transport personnel to see, and handle them with extra care and care.

4. Add on the sack.

Adding sacks can help reduce the ingress of rain or water into the inside of the package.

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