Items that you should purchase during 11.11!

Items that you should purchase during 11.11!

Does not know what to buy on 11.11 every year?

Seeing that everyone is stocking up, what should you stock up on?

Come! Let me shares with you the items you should stock up on this year!

Buy Smart, Stock Smart!

1. Paper towels - why is it necessary to stock up on paper towels?

That's because most of the paper towels sold on Taobao are sold in bulk and of good quality.

If you do the math, it's definitely cheaper and more affordable than buying a lot of paper towels locally!

Most importantly, they even do very high-level packaging!

When there are guests at home, guests will never guess that a pack of tissues can be bought for only RM0.80!

The tissue paper recommended by the editor:

This paper towel recommended by the editor is the best-selling paper towel in Taobao!

80 packs of tissues are only ¥68.90, which is about RM45!

Only RM0.56 per pack!

2. Facial towels - especially salon-grade facial towels!

If you are still wiping your face with a towel, I would like to warn you severely!

Stop using towels to wipe your face!

That is because there is human dander and sebum on the towel, and it is relatively humid, which is easy to breed bacteria, and it will increase with the use of time.

Just imagine if you wipe the bacteria on your clean face every day, will your face not have acne?

So! Try a face towel! This is definitely not a waste!

The face towel is a disposable product, so you don't have to worry about the problem of bacterial reproduction over time, and the safety is guaranteed; the material is soft and skin-friendly, and it is not easy to damage the skin!

And used face towels, you can also get to wipe the wash basin, wipe the computer or anything else you want to clean!

The face towel link recommended by the editor:

This face towel has been used by the editor since 2021. I bought it in 1688 at the beginning, and now I buy it directly from Taobao.

This face towel is very soft to the touch, and it is comfortable to use on the face.

And the removable design, one piece at a time, is easy to use!

No matter whether it is wet or dry, I use it to remove makeup every time, it is super convenient and does not hurt the skin!

3. Masks - choose a cute design that is not available locally!

We have lived in the environment of the epidemic for three years, and masks have become our daily necessities.

In addition to the same masks of various colors, there are also many masks of different designs.

Wearing masks of different colors every day can no longer satisfy us.

Of course, we need to find cute and beautiful masks!

Wearing a good-looking mask will make you feel better!

After all, masks are now one of our face values!

The mask link recommended by the editor:

Crayon Shin-chan's design is so pretty!

If you like Crayon Shin-chan, this is the time to get it!

This is the time to stock up, sisters!

5. Rabbit Year's Red Packet - Buy it before the Chinese New Year period!

Buying ordinary red packets locally is easy!

But good-looking and unique red envelopes are hard to find!

By the way, giving unique red envelopes during the New Year will definitely be very face-saving!

The extra can be sold to friends, and you can also make a fortune, hehe!

The red packet link recommended by the editor:

Such a cute design, even girls will be happy to receive it!

6. Akuan Red Oil Noodles - Although China supermarkets in Malaysia sell them, it is definitely cheaper if you stock up on your own!

Definitely worth stocking up!

Ah Kuan Red Oil Noodles is a food that even Malaysian Youtuber - MaoMaoLand loves and made a video about!

Direct link to come up!

See what our MaoMaoLand has to say about Ah Kuan Red Oil Skin!

The link of Akuan Red Oil Noodles recommended by the editor:

Why do I love Ah Kuan Red Oil Noodles so much?

One is delicious, and the other is convenient!

This noodles requires no cooking! Just soak it in hot water!

Its principle is like instant noodles, convenient and delicious.

The point is, the price is not expensive!

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