How to distinguish between LCL and FCL?

How to distinguish between LCL and FCL?

Shipping is generally divided into two types:

- Sea bulk cargo (Less Than Container Load, LCL)

- Full Container Load (FCL)

Less Than Container Load,LCL

It means that the importer's cargo quantity is not enough to fill a container, so it is collected with other importers who are destined for the same destination, and then they are assembled to fill a container and then transported. The advantage of this is that the importer does not need to pay the price of the whole container (reducing the shipping cost). Under normal circumstances, the transportation cost of bulk cargo by sea is based on the space (cubic volume) of the container used.

Full Container Load,FCL

Contrary to bulk cargo by sea, the importer alone uses one container for transportation. Generally, a 40-foot container can be filled with a volume of more than 65 cubic meters.

What are the benefits of FCL shipping? When transporting the whole container by sea, since the goods in the container are all your own, as long as you submit all the documents, you will be able to clear customs and release soon after completing the relevant procedures. As for the LCL cargo, the goods of many companies are concentrated in one container, so the documents of all companies must be submitted and completed. Sometimes other cargo owners submit the documents too slowly, which will cause their own cargo to be blocked, which wastes time and affects the release of their own cargo.

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