[Transportation Knowledge] Why can’t batteries be transported by air?

[Transportation Knowledge] Why can’t batteries be transported by air?

1. Batteries are flammable and leaky items, so they cannot be transported by air.

2. Batteries transported by air are prone to spontaneous combustion. In fact, a piece of cargo spontaneously ignited during transportation, causing damage to the aircraft and the cargo, affecting aviation safety, so restrictions are now strict.

3. In fact, polymer lithium batteries are not afraid of short circuit at all, but they are still prone to explosion if they are generally used.

4. If the delivery and receipt are not strict, the express delivery industry generally requires fast movement and there are many violent transportations. There will be problems during the transportation process. In order to make zero mistakes, the airlines would rather not make this money than make such mistakes.

Lithium batteries in portable electronic equipment such as cameras, laptops, and video cameras carried by passengers can be carried with them or transported if they are installed in the equipment and the lithium content does not exceed 100wh watt-hour. Lithium batteries with a lithium content of 100wh but no more than 160wh must be carried with the approval of the airline. Spare batteries must be insulated and protected individually and can only be carried in hand luggage. Lithium batteries exceeding 160wh are strictly prohibited.

It should be noted that spare lithium batteries cannot be checked in, and must be carried in hand luggage, and should be individually maintained to prevent short circuits. Passengers can put the spare batteries in the original packaging, or use other methods to insulate the electrodes, such as Place tape on exposed electrodes, or place each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective box.

These contraband items are contraband items transported by air and cannot be transported!

These contraband cannot be transported!

According to the International Import and Export [Prohibited Goods List], these goods are contraband.

China Air Transport - Consolidation/Direct Shipping/Transshipment/Forwarding cannot be shipped from China to Malaysia!

If the relevant goods are found and verified, they may face confiscation, fines, or criminal accountability. Customers are advised to pay attention when purchasing!

1. Drugs – such as opium, white powder, morphine, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.

2. Weapons – such as knives, various weapons, simulated firearms, simulated toy guns, wooden swords, etc.

3. Animals and plants – taxidermy, any animal, insect, any plant, seeds, animal products, etc.

4. Flammable and explosive items – any flammable and explosive items, lighters, fireworks, fireworks, gas stoves, dry ice

5. Gas – any gas, regardless of color

6. Chemicals – chemical drugs, chemical laboratory supplies

7. Pesticides – Insecticides, Herbicides, Rat Poisons and more

8. Currency – currencies of various countries, gambling equipment

9. Gold, Silver and Jewelry – Gold, Silver, Gemstones, Pearls and More

10. Batteries – any item that is electrically charged or contains a battery

11. Fresh meat – frozen fresh beef, pork, chicken, etc.

12. Cigarettes – any brand and type of cigarettes

3 rules to prevent fraud!

01 Do not disclose personal information easily.

Please provide account information and one-time password to confirm your identity. No need to doubt anymore, when you hear these words, the other person must be a liar. Remember, never disclose sensitive personal information such as account numbers, credit card information and passwords to anyone. The bank will never ask customers to provide sensitive information such as user names and passwords over the phone or via email. Please take the initiative to check and verify the identity of the caller with us. Even if the other party claims to be an investment product company, a telecommunications company, or even a government official, do not believe it easily. You should also strengthen online banking security and adopt measures such as multiple login authentication to ensure account security.

02 Don’t be greedy for petty gains.

If you win the jackpot, you only need to pay the administrative fee to get the prize. Scammers are best at preying on the public's "cheap-picking" mentality. They will offer you attractive services or generous returns, luring you to willingly advance payment in exchange for an unusually generous "deal." When encountering these dialogues, first ask yourself: Is there any free lunch in the world? Will I lose a lot for a small amount of money? Remember, banks will never ask you to pay a fee to ensure your loan is approved. Bank or mortgage company staff will never ask a customer to borrow money from another financial company to repay the loan. No matter what the situation is, if the other party asks you to "pay money first and enjoy the benefits later", please be especially careful.

03 Stay calm and don’t panic.

If you are suspected of breaking the law, turn over your online banking account, password or money to prove your innocence. In addition to your "greed", scammers will also take advantage of your fear, claiming to be law enforcement personnel, government or bank employees, claiming that you are encountering legal or financial problems, and causing you to provide them with sensitive information in a panic. Or money "clears suspicion."

If you encounter this situation, please stay calm and verify the identity of the other party with the institution or bank again and again. Don’t act rashly when you feel something is wrong. Banks will never ask customers to hand over account passwords or funds to confirm transaction activities, and law enforcement officers will not ask for your personal information over the phone, or ask you to reveal your bank account password to prove your innocence.

Whether using social media, emails or phone calls, although scammers use endless methods, they always try to take advantage of your psychological weaknesses to gain your personal information and trust, so that you can hand over your money. To prevent fraud, you rely on no one else but yourself. If you encounter a scam, please call the police immediately to protect yourself!

5 Exquisite Wedding Souvenirs

01 Scented candle.

Scented candles are a good thing to enhance the quality and mood of life. They are a very good choice to give to tasteful bridesmaids or good friends. Moreover, scented candles also support customization, such as printing festive logos or meaningful words as gifts to special people, which is of great significance and is particularly thoughtful. After all, the scented candle can be used by the other party in their daily life. When lighting the scented candle, they will naturally think of your wedding.

02 Handmade Soap.

Handmade soap can be said to be the most popular item among wedding souvenirs in recent years. It has a pleasant fragrance, good appearance, and strong practicality. The key is to mass-customize it. It is not only cost-effective but also very attractive. Very elegant and highly photographed at the wedding scene.

03 Hand Cream.

Hand cream is a consumable product that is unisex and highly used. Choose a well-positioned brand and use a small tube. It is very decent to give as a souvenir, such as HERBACIN chamomile or L'Occitane, both are suitable!

04 Everlasting Flower.

After domestic manufacturers joined this track in the past two years, the price-performance ratio of Yongshenghua has been significantly higher. The eternally fresh and beautiful eternal flowers can symbolize the longevity of love. They can not only express the new team's expectations for their marriage, but also bring this blessing to important guests and friends. Compared with mugs, the quality is also much higher. .

05 Wedding Honey.

The idea of thickening high-end diamond glass jars to hold festive honey is really good. Honey means sweetness, and coupled with the packaging blessing of a high-end glass jar, the grade and feelings will increase with each passing day!

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Essential Tools for Baking

1. Chiffon cake mold (6 inches is the most suitable)

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?abbucket=3&id=610143740403&ns=1&spm=a21n57.

2. Double gun antibacterial silicone pad (don't knead on the chopping board, use a silicone pad)

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?abbucket=3&id=675479434003&ns=1&spm=a21n57.

3. Silicone spatula (soft and hard silicone)

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?abbucket=3&id=661489873174&ns=1&spm=a21n57.

4. Accurate home kitchen scales (no need to be afraid to put more grams)


5. Cookie piping bags (even baby food can be used)


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Learn how to manage your emotions

Learn how to manage your emotions in five minutes.

1. Have a correct understanding of emotions

Emotions are normal and there is no need to worry too much; don't try to control your emotions, but understand them and control them. Each of us has emotions, which are normal reactions when we encounter external stimuli. There are dozens of definitions of emotions in psychology. Generally speaking, when you have emotions, it is a normal reaction because you have not thought about it. One of the characteristics of emotions is that they appear in an "explosive" form because they come quickly. However, one thing to be clear is that there are no good or bad emotions, and there is no need to worry too much because you are angry and frustrated. Doing emotional management is one of the compulsory courses for every professional in the workplace. In the workplace, we must show an image of emotional stability and professionalism. In addition, what we say about emotional management is to let you understand this emotion and control it according to your own situation, not to control your emotion. For example, if you want it to go east, it must go east, let it Going west it will go west; and it is normal to have emotions. If one day you have no emotions, it means that your body is not functioning normally. For example, you want to never feel anxious or sad again, etc. This is impossible, because Each emotion has a specific function that needs to be recognized and utilized correctly.

2. 4 steps to get emotions.

Observing emotions: If you want to manage your emotions effectively, the ability to detect emotions you have now is far from enough. For example, you swiped your phone many times until late at night and didn’t realize that you wanted to divert your attention because you were too anxious; Poor, you just think it’s because you didn’t sleep well at night, but you ignore that you may be depressed, etc. These are all manifestations of our neglect of our emotions. When emotions appear, if we can’t detect them as soon as possible, we will be controlled by emotions, manipulated by them to do many things that we never thought of, and then lose control, and may even make you fall into a vortex of negative emotions , how can not escape. On the contrary, if you are aware of the emotion in time, then you can deal with the emotion and release it. To master your emotions, you need to be familiar with your emotions.

Observe abdominal changes, observe chest changes, observe shoulder and neck changes, and observe body temperature.

3. Identify emotions.

In daily life, most people think that all things in work and life go well to make them feel better. However, according to the analysis of the ABC theory of emotions, emotions are not determined by external events, but by our own thoughts. Therefore, when we encounter an event, we should not focus on the event itself, but on our own thoughts and ideas.

ABC Theory of Emotions - Ellis, the master of modern emotion management: People's emotions and reactions to an event are not determined by the facts or nature of the event itself, but by people's beliefs and opinions about this time. For the same event, if different people have different thoughts and beliefs, their emotional reactions will be different. Even if the same person has different thoughts and ideas about the same event at different times, his emotions will be different.

A: refers to events that actually happened; B: refers to our thoughts and beliefs; C: refers to our emotions and reactions. In short, it means that our reaction C is not caused by A, but by our thoughts of B about A event. Things themselves do not affect people, people are only affected by the perception of things.

4. Accept emotions.

Emotions don't go away and can't be suppressed, you have to understand and accept it. It is very important to accept emotions, otherwise you will have a very twisted life, for example, because something makes you very angry, you will get angry and even go to others to quarrel. This requires you to accept your emotions. The performance of accepting emotions is that you can not lose your temper because of anger, accept this state, and learn to coexist peacefully with your temper. You have to realize that emotions are not your enemy. Your pain is not brought to you by emotions, but is based on your automatic reactions to external events formed over time by your thinking and cognition. So, you have to face your emotions and accept it. The so-called acceptance here means to experience and feel your emotions completely, which is the process of jumping out of the emotional trend. The fundamental reason why our emotions cause us to behave badly is that we give up control of ourselves and allow our emotions to control us. For example, when you are angry, you can't think of anything in your brain at all, and your mind is full of the person or thing that makes you angry, and your destructive desire to destroy it immediately. And the idea of wanting to destroy someone or something that makes you angry is your primary emotion.

What are some good working attitudes?

What are some good working attitudes?

A good working attitude will not only make you recognized by your boss, but also change your living habits!

Attitude is a kind of belief and code of conduct in dealing with things. It is the foundation and motivation for people to judge right from wrong and choose behavior. What kind of attitude is there, what kind of behavior is there, and what kind of behavior is what kind of result. "Success begins with attitude", "Attitude determines everything" is what we often mention. Professional attitude refers to an individual's concept and attitude towards career choice. A good or bad professional attitude will determine how much a person contributes to the enterprise and whether he can become an excellent employee. So what does a good working attitude include?

1. Be conscientious and stick to the end

A major epidemic in today's society is impetuous people. What is impetuousness? You can see that impetuousness is everywhere: impetuous in career, becoming famous overnight and being enthusiastically sought after; impetuous in business, opportunistic; The word "impetuous" is becoming more and more popular now. An impetuous mentality is not a good sign, it can only bring you an ethereal life; being too ambitious is not a good sign, it can only make you drift with the flow. Only faithful and diligent efforts can bring you real rewards. China is not happy anymore, let alone be impetuous.

2. Emotion awareness, self-control

Self-management is a science and an art, a self-regulation of one's life and practice, and a catalyst for success in life. To achieve self-management, we can gradually move toward self-improvement, maximize our own potential, and realize the greatest value of life. Although employee self-management is possible and a positive goal, it is not easy to achieve it; it not only requires leaders and managers to have the skills of training, helping and guiding, but also requires great enthusiasm, patience, and correct beliefs.

"Self-management" is seen as an individual's degree of adaptation to external written or unwritten norms and demands. In corporate organizations, the meaning of self-management should be added. It also includes employees' self-motivation, appreciation and affirmation of their own virtues, and self-motivation on how to improve and how to better help others.

The category of employee self-management roughly includes: the degree of employees’ recognition of the “guidance method” of the enterprise organization, the degree of understanding and interest in a certain cultural value system, the sense of self-discipline, sense of shame, self-discipline and self-motivation, the initiative and initiative shown in the work, the self-confidence in the work undertaken and the achievement of the goals set by the organization, the courage to overcome difficulties and setbacks, the respect for colleagues and the spirit of cooperation in the work, the love for the team and team spirit, the pursuit of learning, progress and honor, etc.

3. Be confident and take responsibility

Whether you are a manager, supervisor or a newcomer in the workplace, first of all, you must be confident and have full confidence in yourself. Confident people firmly believe that as long as I work hard, I will be successful! Face life with head held high! People without confidence lack a backbone in their hearts and suffer from inferiority complex. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, let others look down on you! People, only self-confidence can reflect the value of existence and discover our own potential! Let us always have self-confidence, and let this belief accompany us throughout our lives!

When you achieve outstanding results, people will naturally appreciate them; when you need to take responsibility, you can't escape, and you must bravely choose to bear it. Whether it is fighting for credit or blaming others, in the final analysis it is a matter of human quality, and it is a manifestation of a person's extreme selfishness. To avoid these things from happening, you need to improve your personality, overcome the selfishness in your heart, face fame and fortune calmly, and bravely shoulder your responsibilities.

4. Actively adapt and strive for innovation

Learn to spot and take advantage of the opportunities that small companies offer. In a large company, we may be just a screw in a huge system. It may not be easy for you to understand a series of processes such as product development and sales. In a small company with less staff, you will have many opportunities to do different jobs. You may not only need to develop products, write product manuals, but also take into account technical support. You need to get in touch with and understand all aspects of work. In this way, we have the opportunity to become generalists, and at the same time, we have the opportunity to find out what kind of work we like and are better at. In addition, there are not many opportunities to meet high-ranking bosses in large companies, and even fewer opportunities for bosses to know you and value you. This sense of attention and importance is not easy to obtain. But in a small company, if you are capable, it is easy to be appreciated by your boss, and your relationship will be very close. For example, Liu Jing in the case mentioned that she likes the "kindness, harmony, and sense of being valued" of a small company, and the Haagen-Dazs ice cream that the boss treats makes her unforgettable. Therefore, as long as we are good at discovering and making full use of the resources provided by small companies, we will find that the work of small companies is more cherished. As Li Jie said, "I have found my own position here, as long as I can give full play to my own advantages, why do I have to change jobs?"

5. Learn to be proactive and stay optimistic

The relationship between people is like a mirror. If you smile at him beautifully, he will return your bright smile. Communication between people is first of all face and eye contact. Every morning in your life, when you leave your troubles in the corner, get up and go to work with a smile from the heart, when you face everyone, you will find that most people are amiable and give you a brighter smile, and will resolve those troubles in the corner of your heart little by little! Knowing, starting with a smile; communication, starting with a smile; cooperation, starting with a smile; reconciliation, starting with a smile; when you treat the world, everyone, and every day with a smile, you will find: success starts with a smile; Start with a smile!

The anti-wolf artifacts you must know!

Girls are most afraid of encountering perverts when they are outside!

And perverts don't care what clothes girls wear or what kind of makeup they put on.

As long as they suddenly want to be rude, as long as you are a girl, you may suffer,

So, girls, you must have anti-wolf artifacts in your bags!

As long as strangers approach you with malicious intentions, you can use the anti-wolf artifact to protect yourself!

VT Nation recommends anti-wolf products for girls:

1. Screaming Siren - It is a relatively simple function, and it will make a sharp and high-decibel sound when it is pulled. Useful, it may scare away bad people, I think the more important role is to attract people around to ease the current dangerous situation of confrontation between two people.

Link: 【Taobao】https://m.tb.cn/h.5YpFio4?tk=2Bp7dGff0u5

Of course, there is a reason why it is so expensive. It means that in an emergency, you can directly send a distress message to your pre-set emergency contact; you can send a text message; you can call your emergency contact to remind you that you are in danger! ! You can ask others for help in an emergency. I think it is necessary for girls to buy one. It is usually used as an accessory. If an accident happens, there will be an extra channel for advice.

2. Anti-Wolf Spray - The sprayed mist will cause symptoms such as eyes closed unconsciously, tears, runny nose, difficulty breathing, severe coughing, inability to speak, burning skin, sore throat, and even nausea and vomiting, and weaken the body coordination ability. And may lead to temporary limb function failure, loss of sense of direction, thereby losing or weakening its ability to resist.

The spray cannot be transported by sea or air from China, so it is recommended to buy it locally.

3. Anti-Wolf Arc Device - When it is turned on, there will be a current, and the current will repel those who plot evil.

Link: https://m.tb.cn/h.5bHv0Nu?tk=HMkqdGfR4m6

No matter who you go out with, please remember to protect yourself!

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The main reasons for customs inspection and detention. How to avoid customs deduction?

The main reasons for customs inspection and detention:

1. The declared value is inconsistent with the valuation;

2. The name of the product does not match the product;

3. The packing list is unknown;

4. The condition of the consignee is not allowed (no import and export rights, etc.);

5. The value of personal belongings exceeds RMB 5,000;

6. Some relevant policies stipulated by the local state.

How to avoid customs deduction?

1. In order to avoid customs detaining goods, general packages can be written as personal gift. The chance of personal packages being inspected by the customs is very low.

2. The declared value can be written relatively less, and the deduction rate of valuables is very high. In addition, after the customs detains the goods, the customs clearance fee is calculated based on the declared value. The higher the declared value, the higher the customs clearance fee. Similarly, if the customer needs to send back the product, also pay attention to let the customer write down the declared value a little bit.

3. Understand the policies of various countries. For example, although customs clearance is easy in Australia, battery products are not allowed by the customs. Therefore, batteries or products with electromagnetic waves should not be sent to Australia as much as possible. If you must sell products with batteries, you can make it clear to customers that you will not send batteries, but only products.

4. Choose a safe delivery method. DHL has a high rate of detaining goods, followed by FedEx and UPS; the relatively safe delivery methods are registered airmail parcels and EMS. In addition, even if EMS is detained by the customs, it can still be returned to the place of delivery for free.

5. The heavier the package, the more likely it will be detained by the customs.

6. Different products have different probability of being detained by the customs. For example, the probability of electronic products being detained is higher than that of clothing.

7. The declaration strategies adopted by different countries are also different. The British and American customs are relatively less strict, and the declared value can be lowered appropriately; the German customs are relatively strict, so it is not appropriate to lower the declared price; like Brazil, the customs are also very strict, so you must fill in the declaration materials carefully and accurately, otherwise it will be very troublesome.

[Taobao Shipping] and [Commercial Shipping]

[Taobao Shipping] and [Commercial Shipping]

With the progress of the times, online shopping has become a part of our daily life. It is also much easier to buy items from other countries.

China's Taobao is a well-known shopping platform in China, and even more than 70% of Malaysian Chinese have experience in purchasing items on Taobao.

On Double 11 last year, Malaysia’s contribution value on Taobao.com ranked fourth, only behind these three big countries.

It’s really amazing! After contributing so much on Taobao, do you know whether you use "Taobao Shipping" or "Commercial Shipping"? Do you know the difference between them? What about the benefits they bring?

Here I will tell you the difference between "Taobao shipping" and "commercial shipping"!

Taobao Shipping:

Taobao shipping is for shoppers to order items on Taobao, Alibaba or Tmall, which are small in size and weight, and then use the shipping company provided by Taobao to help deliver them to their homes. The most famous shipping company on Taobao is "Cainiao".

Cainiao will help you arrange mailing from China to Malaysia. The time to receive the goods by sea is about 3 to 4 weeks; by air it is estimated to be 2 weeks.

Taobao shipping is relatively good at handling small parcels. For example, if you buy 30 pieces of goods on Taobao, general Taobao shipping will help you pack these goods into a large box, and then help you pack them and send them to Malaysia.

There is no doubt that this kind of packaging method greatly facilitates self-employed buyers, and can deliver the goods to the door without a large number of purchases.

Commercial Sea Freight:

Commercial shipping is a shipping company other than Taobao, which is specially provided for large-volume and large-volume goods. It is suitable for businessmen or shoppers who buy large items and various heavy items. Not only that, commercial shipping also has users who provide goods with small quantities or small volumes.

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