6 things to pay attention to when choosing a logistics company!

6 things to pay attention to when choosing a logistics company!

What should you pay attention to when choosing a logistics company ?

In this era of developed transportation, various logistics companies have appeared, and competition has naturally grown.

When choosing a logistics company, you need to pay attention to:

1. Is the logistics company a legally registered company in Malaysia?

When choosing a logistics company, there will be different transportation companies in your sight, and different sellers will sell their transportation solutions to you. Even if it is cheap, you must find out whether the logistics company you choose is a legal company registered in Malaysia. Otherwise, when you use their services, you may not be able to get a solution or compensation for any problems you encounter.

2. The reputation of the logistics company.

A good logistics company will be matched with a good reputation. To attract customers, major logistics companies will launch various discounts and benefits, but comparing the timeliness and costs, the most important thing is word of mouth.

3. Areas covered by transportation.

You must also find out if the logistics company you choose covers your area. For example, if your area is East Malaysia, you must first understand whether it is covered, to avoid finding that the logistics company does not have the service of sending East Malaysia when the package arrives at the warehouse in China.

4. The transit time is not long.

In addition, in addition to knowing the price, of course, it is necessary to know whether the transportation time of the logistics company is not long. This can be answered by customer reviews of the logistics company itself. But you can also contact customer service for inquiries!

5. Can the logistics company's system track the package?

When choosing a logistics company, you should know whether the logistics company has an orthodox system to query or track packages, allowing you to check where the package is going all the time.

6. Professional customer service.

In addition, the customer service of the logistics company is also very important. No matter how cheap the price is, the lack of professionalism in customer service will also lead to mistakes in your choice of shipping channels, resulting in overpayment or greater losses.

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