The main reasons for customs inspection and detention. How to avoid customs deduction?

The main reasons for customs inspection and detention. How to avoid customs deduction?

The main reasons for customs inspection and detention:

1. The declared value is inconsistent with the valuation;

2. The name of the product does not match the product;

3. The packing list is unknown;

4. The condition of the consignee is not allowed (no import and export rights, etc.);

5. The value of personal belongings exceeds RMB 5,000;

6. Some relevant policies stipulated by the local state.

How to avoid customs deduction?

1. In order to avoid customs detaining goods, general packages can be written as personal gift. The chance of personal packages being inspected by the customs is very low.

2. The declared value can be written relatively less, and the deduction rate of valuables is very high. In addition, after the customs detains the goods, the customs clearance fee is calculated based on the declared value. The higher the declared value, the higher the customs clearance fee. Similarly, if the customer needs to send back the product, also pay attention to let the customer write down the declared value a little bit.

3. Understand the policies of various countries. For example, although customs clearance is easy in Australia, battery products are not allowed by the customs. Therefore, batteries or products with electromagnetic waves should not be sent to Australia as much as possible. If you must sell products with batteries, you can make it clear to customers that you will not send batteries, but only products.

4. Choose a safe delivery method. DHL has a high rate of detaining goods, followed by FedEx and UPS; the relatively safe delivery methods are registered airmail parcels and EMS. In addition, even if EMS is detained by the customs, it can still be returned to the place of delivery for free.

5. The heavier the package, the more likely it will be detained by the customs.

6. Different products have different probability of being detained by the customs. For example, the probability of electronic products being detained is higher than that of clothing.

7. The declaration strategies adopted by different countries are also different. The British and American customs are relatively less strict, and the declared value can be lowered appropriately; the German customs are relatively strict, so it is not appropriate to lower the declared price; like Brazil, the customs are also very strict, so you must fill in the declaration materials carefully and accurately, otherwise it will be very troublesome.

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