[Taobao Shipping] and [Commercial Shipping]

[Taobao Shipping] and [Commercial Shipping]

[Taobao Shipping] and [Commercial Shipping]

With the progress of the times, online shopping has become a part of our daily life. It is also much easier to buy items from other countries.

China's Taobao is a well-known shopping platform in China, and even more than 70% of Malaysian Chinese have experience in purchasing items on Taobao.

On Double 11 last year, Malaysia’s contribution value on Taobao.com ranked fourth, only behind these three big countries.

It’s really amazing! After contributing so much on Taobao, do you know whether you use "Taobao Shipping" or "Commercial Shipping"? Do you know the difference between them? What about the benefits they bring?

Here I will tell you the difference between "Taobao shipping" and "commercial shipping"!

Taobao Shipping:

Taobao shipping is for shoppers to order items on Taobao, Alibaba or Tmall, which are small in size and weight, and then use the shipping company provided by Taobao to help deliver them to their homes. The most famous shipping company on Taobao is "Cainiao".

Cainiao will help you arrange mailing from China to Malaysia. The time to receive the goods by sea is about 3 to 4 weeks; by air it is estimated to be 2 weeks.

Taobao shipping is relatively good at handling small parcels. For example, if you buy 30 pieces of goods on Taobao, general Taobao shipping will help you pack these goods into a large box, and then help you pack them and send them to Malaysia.

There is no doubt that this kind of packaging method greatly facilitates self-employed buyers, and can deliver the goods to the door without a large number of purchases.

Commercial Sea Freight:

Commercial shipping is a shipping company other than Taobao, which is specially provided for large-volume and large-volume goods. It is suitable for businessmen or shoppers who buy large items and various heavy items. Not only that, commercial shipping also has users who provide goods with small quantities or small volumes.

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