The anti-wolf artifacts you must know!

The anti-wolf artifacts you must know!

Girls are most afraid of encountering perverts when they are outside!

And perverts don't care what clothes girls wear or what kind of makeup they put on.

As long as they suddenly want to be rude, as long as you are a girl, you may suffer,

So, girls, you must have anti-wolf artifacts in your bags!

As long as strangers approach you with malicious intentions, you can use the anti-wolf artifact to protect yourself!

VT Nation recommends anti-wolf products for girls:

1. Screaming Siren - It is a relatively simple function, and it will make a sharp and high-decibel sound when it is pulled. Useful, it may scare away bad people, I think the more important role is to attract people around to ease the current dangerous situation of confrontation between two people.

Link: 【Taobao】

Of course, there is a reason why it is so expensive. It means that in an emergency, you can directly send a distress message to your pre-set emergency contact; you can send a text message; you can call your emergency contact to remind you that you are in danger! ! You can ask others for help in an emergency. I think it is necessary for girls to buy one. It is usually used as an accessory. If an accident happens, there will be an extra channel for advice.

2. Anti-Wolf Spray - The sprayed mist will cause symptoms such as eyes closed unconsciously, tears, runny nose, difficulty breathing, severe coughing, inability to speak, burning skin, sore throat, and even nausea and vomiting, and weaken the body coordination ability. And may lead to temporary limb function failure, loss of sense of direction, thereby losing or weakening its ability to resist.

The spray cannot be transported by sea or air from China, so it is recommended to buy it locally.

3. Anti-Wolf Arc Device - When it is turned on, there will be a current, and the current will repel those who plot evil.


No matter who you go out with, please remember to protect yourself!

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