7 foods you can’t eat when you have a cough.

7 foods you can’t eat when you have a cough.

1. Cold Foods.

Do not eat cold drinks when you are coughing. Chinese medicine believes that "drinking cold in the body will hurt the lungs".

Coughs are often caused by lung diseases that cause lung qi to be undisclosed and lung qi to rise. Drink cold and cold food at this time.

It is undoubtedly worse. In addition, eating too much cold and cold food will also affect the transportation and transformation of food, resulting in insufficient qi and blood, reducing the activity of various enzymes, resulting in decreased food absorption, and even the production of various toxins, resulting in decreased immunity.

2. Foods which contains lot of fats.

Cough is mostly caused by lung heat, especially in children. In the daily diet, eating more fat, sweet and thick flavors can produce internal heat, aggravate cough, block the respiratory tract, induce asthma, and make it difficult to recover from the disease. Fried food should not be eaten during coughing.

3. Tangerine.

Orange peel does have the effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm, but orange flesh can produce heat and phlegm, which will aggravate cough, so don't eat oranges during coughing.

4. Supplements.

Many parents give some supplements to their weak children, but they should stop taking supplements when the child's cough is not cured, so as not to make the cough difficult to heal.

Most of the warming and tonifying medicines are hot medicines. Generally, when you have a cold, the cold is relatively severe. The body supplements it to produce heat and aggravates the cough. Do not eat longan and red dates when you are coughing.

5. Sweet and sour food.

Do not eat sweet and sour food when coughing, because eating sweets will also help heat, especially when the cough is severe, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, etc. should not be eaten.

Hot cough avoid: black date, hawthorn, cherry, pomegranate, lychee, green fruit, durian, papaya, tangerine

Cold cough bogey: mangosteen, watermelon, melon, pear, banana, persimmon, dragon fruit

6. Fishy shrimp and crab.

Most people know that "fat things" should be avoided when coughing, and seafood and fishy smell should not be eaten. Fishy smell has the greatest impact on "wind-heat cough".

Children with cough aggravate their cough after eating fishy food, which is related to fishy smell irritating the respiratory tract and protein allergy to fishy food. Children and the elderly who are allergic to certain fish and eggs should pay more attention.

7. Peanuts, melon seeds, chocolate, etc.

Cough food contains a lot of fat, which is easy to breed sputum after eating, which makes the cough worse. Also, you should not eat too salty during the cough.

And fresh vegetables such as green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, etc., can supply a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts, which is conducive to the recovery of the body's metabolic function, and cough patients should eat more.

All in all, regardless of adults or children, a light diet during illness, rice porridge, noodles, steamed buns and vegetables is right. Remember a sentence, whole grains are the most nourishing, seventy percent full and seventy percent warm.

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