Recommend you delicious instant snail noodles!

Recommend you delicious instant snail noodles!

I recommend the super delicious snail noodles I have personally eaten! Spicy and smelly, it's really addictive!

1. Li Ziqi River Snails Rice Noodle

If you know Li Ziqi, then you need to try her snail noodles! Although Li Ziqi snail powder no longer belongs to Li Ziqi, the taste is still the same as before, and it is still delicious!

If you have never eaten snail noodles, but you want to try snail noodles, you can try Liziqi snail noodles first.

Because Liziqi snail noodles are less smelly and less offensive than other brands of snail noodles.

And the ingredients in Liziqi snail noodles are also very rich, such as yuba, peanuts, sour bamboo shoots and other ingredients.

2. Haohuan Snail Noodles

Haohuan snail noodles are also suitable for those who have never eaten snail noodles. The taste is more authentic. The most amazing thing is that there is really snail meat in it!

3. Snail King Snail Noodles

Luobawang snail powder is the last time I recorded a video to try the snail powder, but the last time I tried it was tomato flavor.

That's what makes Luobawang snail powder so good! There are quail eggs in it!

The Luobawang snail powder is suitable for people with heavy tastes, because the soup is rich enough.

4. Human Happy Snail Noodles

The bean curd sticks in Human Happy Snail Rice Noodles are as large as potato chips! Hot and sour.

5. Liujiang people's snail noodles

Liujiang people's snail noodles are made in the traditional way of boiling snail noodles soup. The ingredients are also rich and spicy.

What should I do if I want to eat snail noodles in the middle of the night? Every time I see Titktok bloggers eating snail noodles in the middle of the night, I really want to eat them!

Why do I get it every time in the middle of the night! Where can I find snail noodles in the middle of the night?

Don’t worry! Buy instant snail powder home, so that you can eat it anytime, anywhere!

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