Tutorial for PinDuoDuo’s pay for me service

Tutorial for PinDuoDuo’s pay for me service

Want to buy goods from PinDuoDuo but don't know how to pay in RMB for the seller?

How to use our "Pay for me" service to purchase in PinDuoDuo?

Let me show you how to do it!

Steps for PinDuoDuo's Pay for me:

1. Register or log in to PinDuoDuo first (Prefer to use Wechat to log in) .

2. Go to VT Nation's Facebook to inform Customer service that needs to use the "pay for me" service for PinDuoDuo.

3. Get a WeChat account that is in charge of "Pay for me" services.

4. Go to Pinduoduo to select the item you want to buy.

5. Confirm the quantity, click 【confirm】.

6. Remember to check if the delivery address is our latest warehouse address!

7. Click【Pay in Wechat】.

8. Click【Pay Now】.

9. Click 【Send to WeChat friends】.

10. Send the payment application to the customer service in charge of the payment.

11. Send your VT username to customer service (Eg. VT/xxxxx).

12. Back to VT Nation's Facebook to notify customer service that you already submitted a payment request to the WeChat customer service.

13. Make payment and be patient to let us pay RMB to the seller.

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