Tutorial for applying “PAY FOR ME” in 1688

Tutorial for applying “PAY FOR ME” in 1688

How to use "Pay for me" services in 1688?

Know VT Nation can helps to pay in 1688, but don't know how to submit it in 1688?

Read this!

Steps to apply "Pay for me" in 1688:

1. Login or register in 1688.

2. Select the item you want to buy and click "Add to List" or "Order Now".

3. Then go to "Shipping List" and select payment.

4. After that, record down the amount you need VT Nation helps to pay, and then click "Submit Order".

5. After clicking "Submit Order", this page will appear. Don't worry, click "Go to Payment" .

6. Jump to this page and click "Find someone to pay for" in the upper right corner.

7. Ask the customer service for the Alipay number of VT Nation, and fill it into the "Friend Account".

8. Submitted successfully! Please go to Facebook to find customer service to apply for payment and make payment!

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