“New Year Essentials 2024”

“New Year Essentials 2024”

New Year shopping, new clothes, Spring Festival food, wine, gifts, decorations, etc. Traditional New Year goods can be divided into six categories: food and drink, clothing, sun and moon, superstition, games, and decoration. In the diet, imported goods such as pigs, mutton, chickens and ducks are the most common. Venison, pheasant, frozen fish, etc. are all goods from Guandong outside Shanhaiguan, while water-milled rice cakes, sugar rice cakes, cold bamboo shoots, magnolia slices, etc. Another Jiangnan thing. Clothing varies from era to era, but in the old days, in addition to "flag clothing", Southern style was also emphasized.

1. Pickled products

On the dining table in the south, cured products have a strong New Year flavor. Generally, one month before the Spring Festival, every household will go to the market to pickle bacon. The smell of sausage seems to have become the taste of home and is also a symbol of the New Year.

2. New clothes

The New Year focuses on a new word. It is not easy for a family to work for a year. Buying a suit of clothes is a comfort to everyone. Wearing new clothes for the New Year has become a custom. So you definitely need to buy new clothes for the New Year.

3. Spring Festival food

The Chinese people put food first. During the Spring Festival, there are all kinds of things to eat, including snacks to entertain visiting relatives and friends.

4. Wine

Let the New Year be overflowing with mellow flavor. When gathering with classmates and relatives during the New Year, how can you miss a toast? Whether it is red wine or white wine, drinking some wine at this time is just right! Let your New Year be overflowing with mellow flavor!

5. Gifts

One of the most important customs of the Spring Festival is to visit relatives and friends. It is impossible to go empty-handed. After the New Year, you start visiting relatives, so it is necessary to prepare an appropriate amount of gifts. You can prepare some according to local customs.

6. Decorations

The Spring Festival is all about excitement, and the New Year atmosphere must be there. To create an atmosphere, you need some decorations to create it. Once festive items such as couplets, firecrackers, lanterns are placed at home, the New Year flavor will instantly come out.

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