Parcel Insurance

Worried about there’s no guarantee if you ship goods from China to Malaysia? (SUMMARY)

Don't worry! Pay only 3-4% of total shipments to get our insurance to protect your parcel! Goods in Transit Insurance ...
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VT Nation’s Goods In Transit Insurance – PREMIUM PLAN

Are you still worried that there's no guarantee if you ship shipments from China to Malaysia?! Don't worry! VT Nation ...
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VT Nation’s Goods In Transit Insurance – NORMAL PLAN

Do you need insurance to protect your parcels when you ship shipments from China to Malaysia? VT Nation has launched ...
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VT Nation services

BUY FOR ME services by VT Nation

Are you still worried about how to buy items on the Chinese platform?! DON'T WORRY! VT Nation can help you! ...
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PAY FOR ME service by VT Nation

Doesn't know how to pay RMB to China seller? Read this! VT Nation provides "PAY FOR ME" services. We can ...
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Tutorial for applying “PAY FOR ME” in 1688

How to use "Pay for me" services in 1688? Know VT Nation can helps to pay in 1688, but don't ...
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Tutorial for PinDuoDuo’s pay for me service

Want to buy goods from PinDuoDuo but don't know how to pay in RMB for the seller? How to use ...
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Steps to apply “Pay for me” services in Taobao

Are you looking for someone to help you pay for your Taobao order? No problem! Come to VT NATION and ...
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Transportation knowledge

Why must big parcels be reinforced?

Have you ever been asked by customer service if you want to reinforce the package when shipping a large package? ...
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6 things to pay attention to when choosing a logistics company!

What should you pay attention to when choosing a logistics company ? In this era of developed transportation, various logistics ...
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What does the customs inspection check on the container?

Every time we encounter a customs inspection, it is very annoying, because it may take more time to get the ...
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Why choose a commercial shipping company?

If you need to buy goods from China and ship to Malaysia, will you choose third-party commercial shipping in addition ...
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What is Full Volumetric, No Volumetric & Half Volumetric?

Full Volumetric, No Volumetric, and Half Volumetric are the calculation methods of the chargeable weight of goods. What is FULL ...
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The Importer terminology you must know

Want to ship bulk shipments from China to Malaysia, but don't know the difference between those importers' terminology? "EXW? FOB? ...
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Things we would like to share with YOU!

Recommend you delicious instant snail noodles!

I recommend the super delicious snail noodles I have personally eaten! Spicy and smelly, it's really addictive! 1. Li Ziqi ...
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Why do you need to know how to organize and store?

Why do you need to know how to organize and store? Here's why! Why is organization and storage important to ...
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Items that you should purchase during 11.11!

Does not know what to buy on 11.11 every year? Seeing that everyone is stocking up, what should you stock ...
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The beauty expert that girls must know – Li Jiaqi

Who is Li Jiaqi? Why is he the anchor that all beauty girls should know? Many people are puzzled as, ...
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PinDuoDuo is more affordable than Taobao?!

Do you know PinDuoDuo is more affordable than Taobao?! Besides Taobao, what other websites do you browse to buy items? ...
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