You buy your favorite Chinese drinks and we ship them to your home!

You buy your favorite Chinese drinks and we ship them to your home!

If you like to drink Chinese drinks, don’t go to the physical store to buy them every day!

If you have the habit of hoarding goods, you might as well go directly to Taobao and buy a large box.

This can save a lot of money!

Because the prices sold by local physical stores need to add profit, they must be expensive.

Do you think sensitive goods like drinks need to be shipped back through special channels?

NO! VT Nation can help you ship it to your home!

Do you think it’s expensive to ship products like drinks back?

That’s because you thought we would only use actual weight to calculate shipping costs!

NO! We can also use [cubic meters] to calculate freight, and use volume to calculate freight, which is definitely cheaper and more affordable than actual weight calculation!

Drinks recommended by VT Nation:

1. Coconut brand coconut juice 245ml*6 boxes

2. Want Want Want Zai Milk Whole Box Canned 245ml*12

3. Ilian Muxi high-end all-you-can-drink yogurt original flavor 230g*10 bottles

4. Nongfu Spring Oriental Leaf Jasmine Tea Sugar-Free Tea Drink 335ml

5. Xiangpiaopiao red bean milk tea box 64g*30 cups

6. Xiangpiaopiao Meco cup fruit tea with 2 cups of Thai lime + 2 cups of peach pomelo

If you need to transport large and heavy packages, it is most appropriate and affordable to use the [Sea Freight for Bulk Goods] channel.

So you need to buy and arrange transportation in advance, otherwise there is a chance that you won’t get it in time!

Remember! Buy early; schedule early!

VT Nation, professional transportation, at your service.

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