Why choose a commercial shipping company?

Why choose a commercial shipping company?

If you need to buy goods from China and ship to Malaysia, will you choose third-party commercial shipping in addition to Taobao official shipping?

Do you know? There are many benefits to using commercial shipping!

1. The speed

Do you think that commercial shipping will be slower than Taobao's official shipping? not necessarily! If the shipping method is used, it will take 15 to 18 working days or more.

So why do we say that commercial shipping will be faster? That's because Taobao's official transportation needs to pack all the customer's goods through the warehouse that packs the goods, and then send it to the warehouse that belongs to the sea shipping for loading and arranging for delivery to Malaysia.

But what is different with commercial shipping is that customers can send the goods directly to the warehouse, and then the commercial shipping company arranges packaging and delivery to Malaysia directly at the warehouse.

2. The price

If you are familiar with Taobao's official shipping, you will find that Taobao's official use is to calculate the freight in kilograms. Just think that if you use Taobao to ship furniture, and the weight of the furniture is heavy, the shipping fee will naturally be more expensive.

But the difference between commercial shipping is that in addition to the transport channel for calculating the weight, it also provides a transport calculation method calculated in cubic meters. Therefore, if you use commercial shipping, you can also compare whether the weight is cheaper or the cubic meter is cheaper!

3. Billing service

If you use commercial shipping, you can also contact the commercial shipping company to request an invoice, so that you can use the invoice for audit (company audit) or report Income tax!

4. Provide a variety of commercial procurement services

If you are buying a lot of goods from China, you may need a full container or breakaway shipping service. Commercial marine companies have a lot of this knowledge and can give you professional advice when choosing a service.

In addition, if you need to pay your Chinese suppliers in RMB, most of the commercial shipping companies provide payment services, which can help you pay your suppliers directly in RMB.

5. After-sale service

Although it is simple and convenient to use Taobao's official transportation, it is not easy to contact customer service if you find that an item is missing after receiving the package. Because Taobao's official transportation uses mechanical customer service, if the mechanical customer service cannot handle it, it will be transferred to the real customer service. This undoubtedly delays time. But what is different about commercial shipping companies is that they focus on service and also use human customer service. When you find something wrong, you can go directly to live customer service for help.

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