What does the customs inspection check on the container?

What does the customs inspection check on the container?

Every time we encounter a customs inspection, it is very annoying, because it may take more time to get the goods.

Do you know what customs are checking?

In fact, in which direction do the customs generally, check?

1. Check the item name (the name of the item)

Check whether the information submitted by the transportation company is correct with the actual goods.

2. Check Specifications

Confirm that the specification (packaging method) is correct.

3. Check quantity

Check the total quantity to make sure that the shipping company has not under-reported or over-reported.

4. Check weight

Weights are more prone to error, so customs sometimes take the time to check that the weight submitted by the shipping company is correct.

5. Check the number of pieces

Sometimes customers and shipping companies will undersupply the total number of pieces of goods (including the gift items), and if the total number of pieces is not summed up, they may be fined.

5. Check marking

Some products have marks, some do not, and some marks will reflect some products or logo information. If there is, it must be reflected on the customs declaration.

6. Check for infringement

You know, knockoffs are strictly prohibited.

7. Check the place of origin (the place of origin)

8. Check the classification

Check whether the customs code (HScode) is accurate, because sometimes the shipping company may submit the wrong customs code (HScode) when submitting the customs declaration information.

9. Check new and old

Many old items cannot be exported, so customs will check to see if any old items have been shipped out.

10. Check the price

The code corresponding to each type of goods imported and exported by the customs has a price range in the customs system. There are generally two ranges: the price range of the local export port, and the price limit range nationwide, especially for imports. The price review is particularly strict when it is time to export, and it is relatively better when exported.

11. Whether to hide

Customs will check to see if some items are not produced by the factory or are underreported.

Some shipping companies can offer very cheap prices. Although they are cheap, they may use a special method to clear customs, and this method brings you the risk that the goods may be fined or confiscated.

That's why we advise customers to use the right channel for shipping and choose an experienced and legal shipping company.

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