VT Nation’s Goods In Transit Insurance – NORMAL PLAN

VT Nation’s Goods In Transit Insurance – NORMAL PLAN

Do you need insurance to protect your parcels when you ship shipments from China to Malaysia?

VT Nation has launched a new insurance plan which is suitable for you!

NORMAL PLAN's insurance is to protect all parcels in the Delivery Order that you have selected.

The insured amount is 3% of the total value of the goods in the Delivery Order and RM10 for service fees.

(1) How to purchase a Normal Plan of goods in transit insurance?

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(2) How to calculate the amount you need to pay?

3% of the total value of the shipments in the Delivery Order + RM10 service fees

For example: the total value of 4 items in the D.O. is RM 248, then you need to insure RM 7.44 (248*3% = RM 7.44 ) + RM10 service fee = RM 17.44

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(3) How does insurance compensate?

For a normal plan, we do compensate for missing parcels.

(4) Things you need to pay attention:

(a) This policy applies to the insurance of the delivery order.

(b) In case of missing goods, you can ask customer service for compensation.

(c) No compensation can be claimed for damage to the goods (if the goods are expensive, it is recommended to buy PREMIUM PLAN separately).

(d) It is recommended not to open the parcels immediately after receiving it, weigh it first, and take a photo of the weight.

(e) If you find that the parcel is missing, please give feedback and give the D.O. number and shipment information within 48 hours after being received. Overdue will not be accepted. 

(f) The price given must be true. If the price does not match the invoice price, our company will be eligible to refuse compensation.

(g) If it is found that the invoice provided by the customer is false, no compensation will be paid.

(h) If the declaration is false or there are contraband goods, any additional legal liability or confiscated goods will be borne by the customer; the insured amount and shipping fees will not be refunded.

(I) This insurance compensation will be paid according to the price of the goods, up to a maximum of RM 50,000.

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