The Importer terminology you must know

The Importer terminology you must know

Want to ship bulk shipments from China to Malaysia, but don't know the difference between those importers' terminology?


Introduce three importer terminology you must know, let you easy to communicate with the logistic company when you need these services.


Logistic company will help to contact China supplier to load goods into container, arrange container to China port, arrange shipping schedule, handle double customs clearance and taxs of China and Malaysia, and arrange local transport to deliver goods to the location you assigned.

What the customer needs to do is place an order with the supplier, and then send the pickup address to the logistic company.

The second: FOB (Free On Board)

The scope of the transportation company's responsibility is to transport the container from China to your designated delivery location.

The company will help you arrange the shipping schedule, resolve local customs clearance and tax matters in Malaysia, and then arrange local transportation to the destination you assigned.

And customers will need to do more things, such as placing an order with a China supplier and then asking the China supplier to send the container to a China port.

The third type: CNF/CIF (Cost and Freight / Cost, Insurance and Freight)

The shipping company will start receiving your container from the Malaysian port, and then deliver it to your designated delivery address.

In this service, the shipping company will help you with customs clearance and tax in Malaysia and then arrange local shipping and delivery.

Customers will need to do more things, such as placing orders with China suppliers and letting China suppliers arrange transportation to Malaysian ports.

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