The importance of skin care for women.

The importance of skin care for women.

Why do women need skin care?

When I encountered this problem before, I often heard men say: "Women always like to put things on their faces. I think nature is the best."

What men say seems to make sense, but it is not. Women who have some experience in skin care hate this sentence the most. It can be said responsibly that women need to take care of their skin and nourish their skin as soon as possible.

If you really do what those men say and don't use anything on your face, then when a woman's age is gone and her skin is dry and wrinkled, I don't know if those men can still swear such words?

According to the "Huangdi Neijing", the peak period of a woman's life is at the age of 28, which means that once a woman passes the age of 28, her physiological function will begin to decline, and her body's biochemical reactions will gradually decrease.

After the age of 28, with age, collagen will gradually lose, polysaccharides will gradually decrease, skin will appear loose, dry, fine lines, and other problems, the older women are, the worse their ability to lock water, and even feel that the skin Can't make up who goes in.

And once a woman reaches the age of 35, her face begins to haggard, her hair begins to fall out, and her teeth begin to lose their luster. At the age of 42, women's faces become duller and their hair gradually grays. At the age of 49, the body of a woman is obviously aging, menstruation stops, kidney water is getting less and less, and the uterus will also start to age...

Concept 1: Home skin care is very important

For home maintenance, it is better to use skin care products with simple ingredients, mainly to moisturize and sunscreen, to achieve the balance of water and oil, and to protect the skin barrier.

Concept 2: Professional customized management course

Judging from the structure of the skin and the causes of aging, daily home maintenance only stays at the stratum corneum, and cannot reach the basal layer or even the dermis of the skin, and cannot fundamentally solve the problems of skin aging, pigmentation, and relaxation.

The formal skin management center will formulate professional treatment courses according to the different skin types of customers, and maintain and repair our skin from the bottom of the skin from the inside out.

The perfect combination of skin care and home skin care can fundamentally improve skin aging and sagging, and the bottom layer of the skin can truly resist aging and age.

Skin care and skin nourishment are the process for women to lay the foundation. Only with a good foundation, plus cosmetics, jewelry, etc., you will be a graceful and luxurious woman.

But skin care and skin care need scientific approaches and correct methods to get twice the result with half the effort. This is also a long-lasting project that will accompany a woman for most of her life. It must not be sloppy or fragmented. Remember, remember.

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