The best songs to listen to when shopping online!

The best songs to listen to when shopping online!

Are you impulsive when shopping online? Did you know that listening to relaxing songs can help you think clearly before buying online?

Online shopping can make people relax and feel satisfied, but rational online shopping is actually the best treatment for online shopping.

Have you ever found that if you place an order while watching a live broadcast, you will easily buy too much or buy items you don’t need?

That’s because when the anchor introduces the items, they will use the "time countdown" and "don’t miss the best discount" method to make you feel that if you buy this item, you will make a profit! But in fact, this method can easily make consumers overspend and buy items they don’t need.

The clever consumers will seriously think about whether they need it or whether the price is reasonable before buying.

For example, some consumers will go to different shopping platforms to compare prices before choosing which platform to buy the item. Before buying items, the editor will go to Taobao, Pinduoduo or Douyin to compare prices and comments before choosing which platform to buy the item.

If you want to be a smart consumer, try listening to some relaxing songs while shopping online, and don’t rush to place an order.

The following playlist is the songs I listen to when shopping online, and this method really works!

1. stream cafe - boba date ♥ (10 hours) : cute music -

2. Tomorrow will be better. Sleep well when you feel dizzy. -

3. Tuesday Morning Jazz -

4. Fire and Moon Coo【Working BGM】Relaxing Jazz Music -

5. Nordic Forest Ambience and Relaxing Music for Stress Relief -

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