The beauty expert that girls must know – Li Jiaqi

The beauty expert that girls must know – Li Jiaqi

Who is Li Jiaqi?

Why is he the anchor that all beauty girls should know?

Many people are puzzled as, to why is Li Jiaqi so popular.

Let me introduce to you my favorite beauty artist - Li Jiaqi.

Li Jiaqi was born in Yueyang, Hunan in 1992, and has liked makeup since childhood.

After graduation, he worked as a salesperson at L'Oreal. For three years, he has been the most satisfied seller for customers.

Later, by chance, he was selected by the company to do a beauty live broadcast and embarked on the road of the live broadcast.

Then why did Li Jiaqi suddenly become popular?

Because in a certain program, Li Jiaqi made a special live broadcast of lipstick. In just 5 hours, he applied 380 lipsticks of more than ten brands to his lips, so that the live broadcast audience could see the effect.

The professionalism among them was appreciated by the live broadcast audience, and 23,000 orders were sold in this live broadcast, with a turnover of 3.53 million, and the number of fans directly increased to 300,000.

And the lipsticks he introduces or recommends will satisfy consumers because he will personally try the products and identify the truth and false before selling them in the live broadcast room.

Later, he gradually began to recommend and bring goods into the live broadcast room, introducing various beauty makeup to the live broadcast audience.

As a fan of his, every time I watch his live broadcast, in addition to expecting him to bring out high-quality products, there are also the words "all girls" and "OH MY GOD" he said.

So why are the products recommended by Li Jiaqi so loved and trusted by a large number of girls?

1. Li Jiaqi understands girls very well and has strong empathy. Among them, I believe it is because he has liked makeup since he was a child and has a certain understanding of it. After graduation, I also let him know that all girls should have lipstick in their makeup bag when I was a cabinet brother at L'Oreal.

2. He has work experience as a beauty cabinet brother, so he understand the psychology of consumers and can recommend different products according to consumers of different ages.

3. Strong speaking and expression skills during a live broadcast.

4. Be sincere. When Li Jiaqi recommends products, he will sincerely recommend his favorite products to the live girls every time.

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Let me quickly organize and recommend it to you!

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