Steps to apply “Pay for me” services in Taobao

Steps to apply “Pay for me” services in Taobao

Are you looking for someone to help you pay for your Taobao order?

No problem! Come to VT NATION and let us help you!

Please note that sending us the Taobao link is not the way to let us help to pay,

You need to apply for payment on Taobao, we can help you pay!

The following are the steps to submit "pay for me" service to us on Taobao:

1. Submit your order on Taobao

2. Click continue payment

3. In the payment tool, select "Find a friend to help pay"

4. Fill in the Alipay number provided by VT Nation. (remember to ask for it from FB customer service before filling it out)

5. Go to VT Nation's FB to find customer service to confirm and pay

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