PAY FOR ME service by VT Nation

PAY FOR ME service by VT Nation

Doesn't know how to pay RMB to China seller? Read this!

VT Nation provides "PAY FOR ME" services.

We can help you to pay your China sellers in RMB!

How to use our "PAY FOR ME" service?

1. Register an account or log in at VT Nation's website. Kindly remember your username.

2. Go to VT Nation's facebook. (

3. Go to facebook and ask customer service what is the "exchange rate" today? (If you need to pay by 1688, remember to submit the payment application to 1688 first)

You may find the daily exchange rate on the website, and the exchange rate may be different every day.

4. Tell the customer service the amount to be paid.
(if it is 1688, remember not to give the total directly, but the amount to each seller)

For example: if you buy from 1688 and 5 different sellers, you need to submit 5 amounts! If you only buy from one seller, you can submit a total amount directly.

5. Take VT Nation's Alipay account number with the customer service, remember to record it, and you will need it in 1688 later!

Click here to know how to submit "PAY FOR ME" services in 1688.

6. After handing over the amount to the customer service, the customer service will calculate the amount that you need to pay.

For example, the amount to be paid is RMB 190; if the exchange rate is 1.46, then you need to pay 190/1.46 = RM 130.14

7. Get the bank account of the transfer from the customer service, and send a receipt to the customer service after the transfer

8. Relax and wait for VT Nation to handle the payment for you (Complete application and payment at 3 PM on the same day, and our company will handle it for you on the same day)

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