How to ship TaoBao to home?

How to ship TaoBao to home?

You think only Taobao official transportation can help you ship your parcel to your home?!

Of course NOT!

VT NATION can do it too!

And our price includes two customs clearances [China and Malaysia], you only need to pay once and wait for your package to arrive at home.

Want to buy Taobao but don’t want to use the official transportation company?

Come On! Do you know that you still need to pay 10% SST when buying Taobao now?

So how can you avoid paying 10% SST?

As long as you ship the package to our China warehouse when you buy Taobao, and let us help you ship the package to your home, you don’t need to pay 10% SST!

Moreover, when using our transportation service, you can also freely choose whether you want to use air transportation service or sea transportation service.

For sea transportation service, you can also choose to calculate the freight by kilograms or cubic meters!

VT NATION is a registered company in Malaysia with 18 years of professional transportation experience. We have professional and friendly customer service to help you choose the transportation channel, and you can also buy package insurance to protect yourself!

How to use our service to transport your package? Please click on the following link:

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