A must for stall owners

A must for stall owners

With the development of the street stall economy, more and more people have joined the team of "setting up stalls", including many young people. In urban night markets, theme markets, popular business districts, and communities, many people sell the latest, trendiest, and most interesting products, adding diversified interest to the same street stalls. Then the question comes. If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. What preparations are needed to set up a stall?

NO.1 Cash register announcer

The purpose of setting up a stall is to make money, and collecting money must be the first priority. When setting up a stall, the sound outside may be noisy, and when there are many people gathered together, it is difficult to tell whether the other party has paid. Therefore, it is highly recommended to build a QR code payment speaker to solve the problem of the boss not having time to look at his mobile phone. When the sound of "Alipay has arrived" sounds, it is such a pleasant sound. You can choose to purchase this from your local Touch n Go, which is super convenient.

NO.2 Folding tables and chairs

The first step in setting up a stall is, of course, to grab the land and display the goods. It doesn't matter whether it's a stall or a folding table. If you only spread out a piece of cloth, it is more suitable to sell daily necessities such as slippers and socks. At the same time, you need to consider waterproofness; if you sell food, trinkets, etc., it will be better to use a folding table, which looks more hygienic. , and it is also convenient for consumers to try it out.

NO.3 Waist bag

When you are setting up a stall, you definitely need such a miscellaneous pocket. It can effectively store and organize important mobile phones, ID cards, bank cards, change, keys, mobile phones, etc., and it is also the safest way to tie it to your body. . After all, it can avoid being left behind and stolen. It's always hard to hold the occasional change you receive in your hands, so using a pocket bag is both safe and convenient.

NO.4 Storage box

Whether you are getting ready to set off or packing up your stall to go home, the goods and props for the stalls need a "mobile warehouse" to store them properly. Storage boxes, as well as small trolleys for shipping, need to be convenient and practical for transporting goods. As for whether to choose a woven bag, a travel bag, or a trolley suitcase, everyone can choose according to their own budget, as well as the type and quantity of the product.

NO.5 Street stall lamp

When setting up a night market, generally speaking, everyone will go to a place with lights. But if you want your goods to be sold quickly, of course you need bright lights to illuminate your goods. Mobile phone lighting is definitely unreliable. It is best to buy an LED light, which can illuminate your stall and make your stall brighter for others, so that others can see it more clearly and be more willing to stay at your place.

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