7 Benefits of Commercial Shipping

7 Benefits of Commercial Shipping

1. Faster efficiency, no need to collect goods.

Under normal circumstances, sea transportation is basically [15-18 days], but why is it more efficient?

Generally [Taobao Consolidation Company] needs to collect the goods in the Chinese warehouse, [package after the goods arrive] together and then arrange the loading and shipment. The process will probably take [an extra 4 to 8 days].

It is also possible that the supplier will deliver the goods late to the warehouse, which will cause other goods that have arrived to wait for the goods that have not yet arrived before they can be shipped together, so the time will be delayed.

2. Reasonable price, no need to overpay

When you buy large goods or goods with a large sum of volumes, the price of [Commercial Sea Freight] has a certain advantage.

【Taobao Consolidation Company】The sea freight is calculated in "KG". Even if it is a small iron ball, if it is heavy, it will be charged by weight.

However, [commercial shipping] is calculated in [cubic meters], which is more [cost-effective]. Just imagine if you want to import a batch of screws from China, the weight will be very heavy, but the volume of the screws is very small, then commercial shipping will be more cost-effective!

3. Easy to operate, no worries

4. Provide Tax Invoice, no need to worry about penalty

To do business in Malaysia, you need to provide [Invoice] to report to [Audit or Income Tax]! However, [the Invoice purchased in China cannot be used for accounting]!

Generally, [Taobao Consolidation Company] provides the service of [No Invoice]! Therefore, only [Commercial Shipping] company has [provide this kind of purchase Invoice] for commercial users! In this way, all follow-up [accounting] problems are [no problem]!

5. The exchange rate is good, no need to pay more

[Commercial Shipping] The company's exchange rate will be [30-40% higher] than that of "Taobao Consolidation Company", this is because "Taobao Consolidation Company" mainly serves "household retail customers" and generally handles relatively small amounts, so the exchange rate of RMB remittance. It will be relatively low and not negotiable.

6. Professional problems, professional solutions

If commercial users need to purchase a very large amount of goods, they may need [full container service], and it is very troublesome to handle it by themselves, because there are [many complicated procedures] and some goods require specific permits, such as: SIRIM / ST / CIDB and so on.

[Professional matters are handled by professional people], commercial users are responsible for marketing strategies and procurement, and complex logistics matters [commercial shipping] the company will [responsible for resolution].

7. Professional consultants, after-sales service

[Commercial Shipping]'s customers tend to be commercial users. After a long period of cooperation, Commercial Shipping can [understand the needs of customers] and the types of goods of customers, so customers all choose to use the same commercial shipping company.

Therefore, commercial shipping companies will pay more attention to after-sales service. Generally speaking, the customer service of [Commercial Shipping] will provide more active services, because they all know that their users will come back to find them, so they will generally be more active in after-sales service.

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