5 questions novices need to know when join a bazaar

5 questions novices need to know when join a bazaar

1. What do you sell at the stall?

First, you need to know what items you can sell, and then measure whether it caters to the Malaysian market.

After visiting more than a dozen markets, I found that the best-selling items are actually food, especially snacks.

No matter what type of snack you sell, there is a way to attract Malaysian consumers.

2. What research work do we need to do before setting up a stall?

Before officially choosing a stall location, it is best to visit it in advance and observe the following:

- The specific stall location is enough to place a table (too small will affect the sales operation)

- The consumption habits and abilities of the people in the area where stalls are set up (don’t sell kimchi to grandparents in a kampung)

- At what time will the crowd start to get crowded; at what time will the crowd decrease

- What products are currently being sold by other stall holders?

3. Where do you buy the goods from?

If you sell food, where is the most economical place to buy ingredients?

For example, I will go to the nearby NSK to buy ingredients because the ingredients there are fresh and affordable.

If you are selling jewelry, where is the most economical place to buy the goods?

The answer is 1688! 1688 is a platform that specializes in [business-to-business], so the price will be cheaper than Pinduoduo and Taobao.

4. List of items that need to be checked the day before setting up the stall:

- Tables (if necessary), shelves, display racks, trolleys, etc. for displaying stall products

- Decorative tablecloths, decorations or stall cloths

- Price tag, payment code (TNG or Duitnow QR code)

- Power bank, extension wire, etc. (extension wire)

5. How can I set up a stall on the first day?

- Find out what time you need to arrive at the stall to start setting up the stall

- Extract the selling points of the product and summarize the product features in the simplest one or two sentences, for example: Miss, do you want to try our Korean kimchi? All handmade!

- If you are selling food, you can prepare tasting boxes for consumers to try directly.

- When there is no business, you can communicate with the stall holders around you

- Make sure the customer's payment is successful

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