5 Exquisite Wedding Souvenirs

5 Exquisite Wedding Souvenirs

01 Scented candle.

Scented candles are a good thing to enhance the quality and mood of life. They are a very good choice to give to tasteful bridesmaids or good friends. Moreover, scented candles also support customization, such as printing festive logos or meaningful words as gifts to special people, which is of great significance and is particularly thoughtful. After all, the scented candle can be used by the other party in their daily life. When lighting the scented candle, they will naturally think of your wedding.

02 Handmade Soap.

Handmade soap can be said to be the most popular item among wedding souvenirs in recent years. It has a pleasant fragrance, good appearance, and strong practicality. The key is to mass-customize it. It is not only cost-effective but also very attractive. Very elegant and highly photographed at the wedding scene.

03 Hand Cream.

Hand cream is a consumable product that is unisex and highly used. Choose a well-positioned brand and use a small tube. It is very decent to give as a souvenir, such as HERBACIN chamomile or L'Occitane, both are suitable!

04 Everlasting Flower.

After domestic manufacturers joined this track in the past two years, the price-performance ratio of Yongshenghua has been significantly higher. The eternally fresh and beautiful eternal flowers can symbolize the longevity of love. They can not only express the new team's expectations for their marriage, but also bring this blessing to important guests and friends. Compared with mugs, the quality is also much higher. .

05 Wedding Honey.

The idea of thickening high-end diamond glass jars to hold festive honey is really good. Honey means sweetness, and coupled with the packaging blessing of a high-end glass jar, the grade and feelings will increase with each passing day!

Of course you have to buy some unique items from Taobao or 1688 when preparing for your wedding! Choose the items you like and let VT Nation helps you transport the items you need for your wedding!

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