3 Tips to Get Cheaper Shipping Fees

3 Tips to Get Cheaper Shipping Fees

It's time to know more to reduce your shipping fees!

1. If you use air freight service, you can ask the warehouse to unpack the parcels you need to transport and put all the items into a new parcel box.

Then, your parcel will reduce the weight of a lot of cartons, and the warehouse staff will also help you pack the items beautifully before shipping them to your home!

- Unpack the parcel, one parcel is only RM1!

2. If you are transporting large items, don't be silly and choose the pipeline that calculates kilograms! The cubic meter calculation method will be more suitable for you!

How to choose the right large item transportation channel for you?

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3. After the parcel arrives at the warehouse, enter the system to calculate the weight of the parcel before choosing the transportation channel.

Some customers are used to using air freight channels to transport parcels because it is faster.

But think about it, if the parcel you are transporting is heavier and you can actually wait, then you can use sea transportation services.

This is how you can save more transportation costs and buy more parcels to ship to your home!

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